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Identify six standards for high quality deep embossed wallpaper
- Mar 07, 2019 -

Identify six standards for high quality deep embossed wallpaper:

First, the texture is strong and the hand feels soft.

The quality of the cloth texture depends mainly on the formulation, the embossing roll and the stability of the embossing machine, which is achieved by a stable fit between the three. The hand-carved embossing roller has the effect of fine embossing and uniform color. The temperature and speed of the imported equipment are fully automatic control. The color of the produced wallpaper is stable, no color difference, and the imported raw material formula will finally get a delicate touch. Glossy soft grain effect.

Second, realistic and natural, high degree of simulation.

An important feature of high-quality deep embossed wallpaper is the high degree of simulation. The meaning of the degree of simulation is the degree to which the pattern is restored to the real thing. The key technology is still the processing of the embossing process and the application of color gradation. The more decorative the effect is, the more natural it is.

Third, the level is clear, the texture is delicate.

The stronger the layering, the more visual impact, and the greater the decorative effect. The key technology is that the engraving level of the embossing roller is used together with the embossing machine. The hand-engraved embossing roller has a fine and round forming effect, and the layers are distinct, and the texture is clearly visible, especially for the processing of the corners. For example, the petals, Huarui, flower stems, and leaves are clearly visible, curved and freely structured. At the same time, the ultimate use of color separation and color matching is also the main factor that highlights the layering.

Fourth, the color is pure, with coordination.

Color is the lifeline of the final effect of wallpaper, the most critical technology of wallpaper, and the influencing factors include three aspects: Toning, color separation, and matching color tone means that the color effect is close to the natural color, which reflects the real vivid effect. The color separation naturally refers to the superposition of various colors in the printing, and finally shows a good transition and gradient effect. Color matching means the matching of various colors, especially the color matching of the shading and the pattern should be coordinated and comfortable, and the atmosphere is high-grade, achieving a durable and pleasing decorative effect.

Fifth, the overprinting is accurate and the sleeve pressure is stable.

Overprinting means that the shape of the embossing in the production process of the wallpaper is exactly the same as the shape of the pattern. The difficulty level of the process is relatively high. Generally speaking, the computer embossing machine is more stable and reliable than the manual embossing machine. At present, the highest level of embossing equipment in the world belongs to the equipment of the British Emerson Company, and its automation degree and stability. Sex is top.

Sixth, the smell is mild, healthy and environmentally friendly.

In order to obtain perfect decorative effect, the raw materials used in deep embossed wallpaper need to reach the highest standard in the industry. The most advanced ink printing is adopted. All environmental protection indicators must be certified by authoritative organizations: such as ISO9001 international quality management system certification, EU CE certification. , quality inspection report, product smell is mild, healthy and environmentally friendly.

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