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The Most Powerful Nine Features Of COCLO Wallpaper
- Nov 14, 2018 -

1. Personalization and diversification

     Pattern, color and texture are the biggest advantages of wallpaper compared to other interior wall decoration materials. He breaks the traditional style of interior wall decoration materials, has rich colors, fancy and materials for you to choose, and can create different home styles as you like. Taste, reflect the true personality, whether it is graceful noble style or fresh and pleasant pastoral scenery, whether it is the exotic style of European style rain or the simple and elegant oriental charm, you can come by hand.


2. High environmental performance

     Environmental protection has increasingly become one of the most concerned issues for people to choose decoration materials. The wallpaper uses pure natural and less polluted paper, cloth, wood fiber and micro-suspended PVC resin as raw materials. In terms of production technology, process and use, PVC resin does not contain harmful components such as lead and benzene, and other chemical building materials. Than, it can be said that the wallpaper is not toxic.

Especially the high-grade wallpapers such as pure paper wallpaper, natural material wallpaper, wood fiber wallpaper, etc. have higher environmental performance, which can be seen from the wide application of wallpaper in Europe, America, Japan and Korea. The wallpaper-specific glue used when posting wallpapers is usually made of vegetable starch, such as water-based wallpaper glue made of potato powder, which is also safe and pollution-free.

3. Easy to clean and maintain

     The wallpaper has good wear resistance and stain resistance, so the maintenance is very simple. Once the wallpaper is found to be smudged, just use a sponge, water or detergent to wipe off the stain; you can also wipe it with a damp cloth, and then Dry it with a dry cloth. The dirt-resistant and scrub-resistant features of the rubber-faced wallpaper are the most outstanding, ensuring that even if you repeatedly wipe the test, it will not affect the beauty of the family wall.


4. Convenient construction and short cycle

     Use paint or paint decoration, the wall must be constructed at least three to five times, one day at a time, that is, one week, and the indoor ventilation should be kept for more than 10 days before the stay. For the wallpaper decoration, you only need to apply a layer of varnish or wallpaper base film (no odor, safety and environmental protection) on the polished wall. A set of 100 square meters of housing will be posted by professional wallpaper construction personnel. Three people can do it in one day without affecting your normal life.

5. Easy to upgrade

     Wallpapers can be updated at any time, constantly changing the atmosphere of the living space, often fresh. If you want to change the wallpaper you have attached, just wet the wallpaper, tear it off directly, and then paste the wallpaper you like, and immediately make your home environment look new. Spending less money and time, changing the atmosphere of the living room is undoubtedly a good spiritual adjustment and enjoyment.

In developed countries, there is a change every year. Even Christmas and birthdays have to change the wallpaper in the home, and they are usually do-it-yourself. The wallpaper DIY is also a great pleasure.

6. Anti-cracking, anti-pull

     The wallpaper has a good anti-cracking function, some people have said that there is no cracking latex paint! Latex paint on the insulation board, whether it is a good cloth or a bandage, not long after the delivery, some cracks will be revealed, and the wallpaper can play a good role in avoiding this defect. As long as the paving is in place, small cracks will no longer appear. Moreover, the wallpaper has a good resistance to pulling, and even a slight crack on the wall will not affect the wallpaper.


7. Sound insulation and noise reduction

     The textured surface of the wallpaper can make the sound waves produce multiple reflections to reduce the noise and improve the sound insulation. Especially for the privacy of the bedroom, using the wallpaper for decoration, you don't have to worry about the wall or the sleep.

8. Increase spatial change

     The various colors and fancy of the wallpaper can produce rich spatial variation effects through matching. For example, the vertical stripe pattern can increase the height of the room, and the small regular pattern can add a sense of order in the living room. If you wear a belt wallpaper (or a wallpaper), you can effectively divide the wall to create a variety of spatial effects.


9. Functional wallpaper makes your living room more environmentally friendly and healthier

     There are a lot of functional wallpapers, such as formaldehyde wallpaper, negative ion wallpaper, velvet sound-absorbing wallpapers... These wallpapers not only have good artistic expression, but the key is to have strong physical properties, which is difficult to achieve with ordinary decorative wall materials. . At this point, if the consumer does not understand the unique features is also an intangible loss, the same price can get more advantages. In particular, today's emphasis on green and healthy homes, functional health wallpapers should attract everyone's attention.

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