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Wallpaper Match
- Mar 08, 2019 -

Color matching

1. Bright and bright colors make people excited and active; dark colors make people calm and concentrated; warm colors reminiscent of the sun and fire, feeling warm, warm and unrestrained; cool colors reminiscent of the sea, blue sky and forest, giving people a cool, Quiet and comfortable.

2, the shaded room should not use blue, purple and other cool colors, but should use yellow, red or brown warm color wallpaper, so as not to feel too cold in winter; sunny room, you can use cold, medium color wallpaper, but not suitable Use lake blue, sky blue and other colors. In the south, the summer is hot, and the sunny room should be warm with warm colors. The color of the wallpaper should be as good as possible for all seasons.

3. The color of the wallpaper is harmonious with the color of the interior fabrics and furniture. The fabrics and furniture based on the brown-yellow tone can be matched with the neutral warm-toned wallpaper. The black or white fabric is more freely matched with the furniture, and the wallpaper with brighter colors can be used.

4, color matching should pay attention to its integrity, the same indoor, it is not appropriate to use a large color contrast wallpaper.


Pattern matching

1. The pattern and texture of the wallpaper need not be too conspicuous, the color should not be too bright, and the scale of the pattern should be appropriate. The pattern should not be too large. This type of wallpaper is visually easy to create a sense of space, making the originally limited space appear smaller.

2, the vertical strip pattern of the wallpaper design has the effect of guiding the line of sight upwards, can get a feeling of higher indoor space, suitable for use in a shorter room. Of course, in some cases, you can do the opposite. For example, you want a bedroom with a larger area to be intimate and pleasant. You can use a warm-colored wallpaper that makes the space feel smaller.

3. If you want to highlight the artwork hanging on the wall, the wallpaper should be as flat as possible. The design of the TV background wall and the like uses rock-like sandblasted wallpaper, crystal bead wallpaper or clear lines and abstract patterns.


Functional room matching

1. Living room: The general living room is the main activity space of the owner. It should be bright and generous, and the material should be high-grade wallpaper. First of all, consider environmental protection and good gas permeability; the second choice is better for pull resistance and scrub resistance.

2, bedroom: imitation linen and other natural fabric texture wallpaper warm and intimate, mild rice, gray and other colors, implicit and not unassuming. The wallpaper of flowers and plants gives a feeling of returning to nature.

3, the second bedroom: If the main residence of the elderly should choose the color of light, green, blue, the pattern should be delicate and meticulous; can also choose some flowers according to the preferences of the elderly.

4, children's room: children's bedroom should be cheerful and lively, full of vigor; color should be novel and rich; the pattern can be selected from cartoon characters, fairy tale, building blocks or flower clusters to create a happy and clean atmosphere.

5, the kitchen, bathroom should choose bright white, blue, and should choose scrub-resistant, anti-fouling anti-bacterial wallpaper.

6, for the current closed balcony, suitable for the use of rock-like wallpaper, can create rough natural scenery, with green plants to create their own paradise.